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Best solution for crew agencies

The Crewing CRM is focused to solve two main problems for crew agencies such as systematization of clients’ information (sailors, ship owners and other members) and optimization of working process.


Presentation (PDF - ENG)
Presentation (PDF - RUS)


Thanks to the web solution it’s easy to get access to the system from every spot of the globe.

You can use our servers for software setting up as well as your ones. In any case your distributed offices will work efficiently in a common information space.


Information processing, data searching, decision making. All this will increase your working efficiency.

An efficient system has always a high performance. So we tried to apply practically all our skills in order to get an expected result.


Everything changes and develops. So a good system should keep up to date. The Crewing CRM develops and improves permanently.

We are always ready to modify our system upon our client‘s request.

Simple and efficient solution

The Crewing CRM system lets you increase working process of any crew agency no matter is it a big company with its own distributing structure or a small firm.

The system is simple for using. All you need for work is a web browser.